What is the life expectancy of Roche Sunroom Shades?

Roche hardware is designed to last the lifetime of the greenhouse/sunroom/skylight. Shade fabric will give 12 to 18 years of service (depending on customer’s selection) in the sunroom environment.

How are measurements taken for the greenhouse shades?

We have a downloadable “Measuring Form” on this site which provides the specific measurement requirements. In the NYC metro region, Roche personnel can do the on-site greenhouse measurement for customers who will also want us to install the shade system. Click Here for our Measuring Form.

What is the “lead time” for Roche Sunroom Shades?

On all custom greenhouse/sunroom/skylight shade work, please expect a lead time of minimum 4 weeks to maximum 6 weeks from date of order with deposit to installation.

What about a warranty?

Roche provides a 2 year full warranty on all its new interior greenhouse, sunroom, and skylight shade products, if installed according to manufacturer installation instructions, wired in accordance with supplied electrical wiring diagrams and operated in a normal mode. The warranty does not cover stains caused by water leaks. Post warranty, Roche provides a non-contractual follow up maintenance service, to be exercised at customer’s discretion and customer’s expense. New shade motors are covered by a 5 year factory warranty, exclusive of replacement labor.